1.17+ Anarchy Servers Like 2b2t Wiki

Anarchy Servers are Minecraft servers that have no rules. Players are allowed to use utility mods (hacked clients), they are allowed to cheat, grief, steal, and kill other players without any punishment from the admin. The oldest and most well known example is 2b2t.org run by "HauseMaster", a server launched in December 2010 on Alpha 1.7. This server was made popular first by YouTuber "TheCampingRusher" joining causing his fans to join the server en masse. This lead to a longtime 2b2t player "Fit" to start recording his adventures and miscellaneous bases on 2b2t, along with many other YouTubers including SalC1, FaxMachine, CerealWithNoMilk, and JakeOrgen.

Although 2b2t is the most well-known example, the notoriety and high player count coupled with the instability of later versions of Minecraft has forced 2b2t to remain on version 1.12.2 for almost five years. Anarchy enthusiasts wishing to play Anarchy on a newer version of Minecraft must find new alternatives to 2b2t, often with lower player accounts and different plugins to prevent lag.

The use of hacked clients in anarchy servers lead to a new niche pvp meta using End Crystals, a craftable item normally used to summon the Ender Dragon, to kill other players. While 1.12.2 servers like 2b2t are limited to End Crystals and Bed PVP, the 1.16 Nether update created "respawn anchors", adding a new dynamic to anarchy pvp not found in older versions.

Given the current plugins, administration and player base we recommend PhoenixAnarchy.net as the best 1.17 server for new and old anarchy players alike.

Server Name Description IP Creation Date Player Count
PhoenixAnarchy The most popular 1.17 anarchy server. This server prioritizes server stability and high TPS. Built by the staff of the (now defunct) NetherAnarchy. TnT duping and carpet/rail duping are the only enabled duplication glitches on the server. pheonixanarchy.net Jul 2021 20-50
Absolute Vanilla Anarchy Survival Designed to prioritize freedom over server TPS, AVAS allows players to do anything they want related to hacks. Everything is enabled from bedrock breaking to flight. Players are allowed to dupe items in their hand once per day using /vote. AVAS.cc Jun 16. 2020 10-20
EndCrystal.me Perhaps less of an "anarchy server" and more of a 1.17 PvP server. The server admin e-pearl is known for enabling pvp on the server through dupes and spawning 32k weapons as opposed to staying "hands off" as is the typical fashion for admins. A fantastic server for the latest PVP meta. EndCrystal.me Jun. 2020 5-30
Invincible Anarchy A server created after the fall of Nether Anarchy. The server boasts a mid-size player count and plugins/limits that favor freedom. There are many exploits on this server, such as an active dupe and teleport exploit. Recently, a plugin was improperly configured which allowed players to use the /tpall command. InvincibleAnarchy.net Jun 28. 2021 15-35